Eggs, eggs, eggs!

4 ways to eat eggs to beat egg boredom

Seems like eggs are a staple of the low carb lifestyle.  At least at first. It’s pretty easy to get sick of eggs, however.  I know I fell into the habit of having eggs nearly every morning when I first started eating more healthy and pretty quickly got sick of them.  The problem is I didn’t have much of an imagination of what eggs could be besides over-easy, scrambled or boiled.

Thankfully, eggs are extremely versatile as well as healthy and quick.  So I compiled some recipes for you to enjoy. Makes eating eggs more enjoyable again but also gives some variety in the way you enjoy them!

1. Deviled Eggs

low carb keto eggs devlied

These low carb deviled are basic but super delicious at the same time.  If you’ve already got a bunch of hard boiled eggs sitting in your fridge already, then making these up should be fast.  To add an extra bit of juiciness, top with a bit of crumbled bacon!  These make the perfect lunchtime meal or the most popular dish at your next summer potluck or picnic!

2. Egg Salad

low carb keto egg salad recipe

Again, another basic egg salad recipe.  But I have to say usually the basic is not only the fastest way to go but also the tastiest!  The great thing about egg salad is that there are so many things you can do with it.  You can eat it as is.  Eat it on a bed of salad greens for that extra bit of roughage.  Put in a fathead bun or whole wheat pita and you have a great lunch time meal!

3.  Avocado Egg Salad

low carb keto avocado egg salad

This is one of my personally favorite ways to eat egg salad.  I love the combination of the creaminess of the avocado but the tanginess that mayo gives it as well.  I love topping my salads with this and just chowing down.

4. Cobb Salad

low carb keto cobb salad

You know when you get down to the last part of the pay period?  Like the last three or four days before payday?  You know you’ve got all that lovely sandwich meat, salad greens, avocados, and bacon sitting in the fridge that needs to get eaten but you’re not sure what to do with it all?  I introduce the Cobb Salad.  Look at all that deliciousness in the same bowl?  This recipe does include a suggestion for particular salad dressings, I’d say use what you have on hand.  I’m pretty sure anything would taste good.  Goodness, even just eating this without dressing would taste good as well!

Now that I’ve given my list of favorites, I’m curious to know what your favorite ways to eat eggs is.  Let me know down in the comments!  And in case you’re cool with eggs but not sure what else you could do with breakfast, my 8 Ways to Healthy Oatmeal can give you another few ideas to make breakfast time less boring and oh so delicious!


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